Innovative Plastic Recyclers Gunjur


High quality, durable products made in the Gambia

Forget concrete! Our durable paving tiles can be made in a range of styles to suit your needs.

Ideal for paving, paths, parking and compounds, order your tiles today.

These floor tiles have an extra-long life and allow water to drain, keeping your outdoor space clean and smart all year round.

Cleaner Gambia!


Plastic bags and wrap cause problems in the environment, blocking drains, harming livestock and causing dangerous smoke when burned.

At Innovative Plastic Recyclers Gunjur we believe that everyone has the right to live in a healthy environment. We collect plastic waste and transform it into high quality products.

We have a large workshop and a training centre in Gunjur.

Innovative Plastic Recyclers - Workshop

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Training Centre


  • Collection of plastic waste – no more need to burn!
  • Manufacture of high quality floor tiles and other products
  • Laying of floor tiles for customers to give a professional finish
  • Training in the collection and processing of plastic waste

Ravensburg, January 2021

Hello dear plastic recyclers of Tarud in Gunjur/Gambia,

It was my passion for research I found you on the internet and made contact. I was actually looking for tiles for the interior first. I then learned that these tiles are only suitable for outdoor use. It was not yet time for the outdoor area, but at some point it had to be designed. Now I just had to convince my husband! When building a house, it was important to me that we use as much as possible products that are made in the Gambia. I am also concerned about sustainability and environmental protection. I was right at TARUD. I was impressed that young women are also trained and employed there. So all my wishes were fulfilled. In the meantime, the work is done and I am very satisfied and proud. It’s all very beautiful. And the work is done professionally. I want to thank the whole team very much. Special thanks go to Babucarr Ebrahim Camara, who managed everything on site. I am very happy to have found you and can recommend you – the TARUD inovative plastic recyclers to others. I can’t wait to see everything on site. I hope we will be able to plan a visit by August 2021 at the latest.

Best regards from Germany

Mariotte Herzer

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Visit our workshop on the Brikama Highway, Gunjur

Contact: Sujai Cham

Phone / WhatsApp:  +220 346 2380



Innovative Plastic Recyclers Gunjur was set up in 2019 with support from UK Aid and WasteAid. The aim of the project is to create sustainable livelihoods by recovering value from waste plastic. By turning plastic bags and wrap into paving tiles, we are reducing plastic pollution, protecting people’s health and creating local employment, helping the Gambia make progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

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